Scottish International Policing

Conference 2015:

Policing Vulnerable People

and Vulnerable Places

Thursday 26 November 2015

The John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) is organising the Scottish International Policing Conference on 26 November, building on the success of the previous International Policing Conferences.

Supported by the James Smart Memorial Trust and the Scottish Government, the theme of this year's conference is Policing Vulneable People and Vulnerable Places, with contributions from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, MSP, the Chair of the Scottish Police Authority, Andrew Flanagan, the Deputy Chief Constable Designate, Neil Richardson, QPM, OBE, and Professor Monica den Boer, Director of SeQure Research.

        the increasing importance of the police
        acting as a 24 hour blue light social
        service is ever more apparent


The police have always performed an important role in protecting vulnerable groups and deploying resources to high risk environments. With falls in volume crime and continuing austerity, however, the increasing importance of the police acting as a 24 hour blue light social service is ever more apparent.

For example, the police are now regularly the first point of contact for those in mental distress, receive a report of a missing person every two minutes, and are being called upon to investigate an increasing number of complex crimes related to issues of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Against this background this year's SIPC will focus on the nature and challenges of policing vulnerable people and vulnerable places.

The conference will be Chaired by Paddy Tomkins, Director of Droman Ltd and former Chief Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland.


The venue will be The John McIntyre Centre, located at Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh.

Pollock Halls is below Arthur's Seat, close to Edinburgh's historic Old Town, and readily accessible from Waverley train station and Edinburgh International Airport. See:

Edinburgh University can provide reasonably priced accommodation for visitors, and these can be booked through their website link:


Thanks to generous sponsorship from the James Smart Memorial Trust, the Scottish Government and SIPR, there will be no charge for participants. Places are limited to 180 and must be reserved (see below).


The Programme will include:


Spaces are limited to 180 delegates and must be booked by 6th November


For further details, please contact Tim Heilbronn (

This Conference is being organised by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research in partnership with:

The Scottish Government

The John McIntyre Centre

The John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls

The James Smart Memorial Lecturer: Professor Monica den Boer, Director of SeQure Research

Monica den Boer

Professor Monica den Boer is Director of SeQure Research and Consultancy and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism (PICT) at Macquarie University, Sydney. Between 2003 and 2015, she held a variety of positions at the Police Academy of The Netherlands in conjunction with a Chair of Comparative Public Administration at the VU University Amsterdam. Since 2003 she has been a Member of the Committee on European Integration of the Advisory Council on International Affairs. She obtained a PhD in 1990 from the European University Institute and worked at Edinburgh University, the Netherlands Study Centre for Crime and Law Enforcement, the European Institute of Public Administration, Tilburg University, and the European Institute of Law Enforcement Co-operation. In 2009-2010, she was a member of the Dutch Iraq Investigation Committee, and in 2009-2010 she participated in the Defence Future Survey Group. She has published widely on European internal security co-operation and engages in teaching, coaching as well as supervision.