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This is a practical system for maintaining and improving interview skills based on best-practice guidelines and scientific research. On completion you will receive 15 SCOTCAT credits at level 9. During the course you will also have student status allowing full library access. The course is delivered over 3 full days. The Cost of the full Course is £575.

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Child abuse is a significant problem in the UK with recent estimates suggesting that 11% of boys and 21 % of girls* under the age of 13 years old will experience abuse. Effective policing of child abuse depends on conducting high quality interviews with the victims. This course provides additional skills necessary to develop ongoing professional development (CPD) in the workplace by utilising self assessment and peer review techniques. The system taught in this course has been proven to assure that child interviewers maintain high quality interview standards.

Learn to use Open Questions

*May-Chahal, C., & Cawson, P. (2005). Measuring child maltreatment in the United Kingdom: A study of prevalence of child abuse and neglect. Child Abuse and Neglect, 29, 969-984.


This course is suitable for JIIT Trained interviewers from Police and Social Work backgrounds. The course is also relevant for lawyers interested in furthering their knowledge about the dimensions of best practise that should be adhered to by child interviewers.


Learning will be targeted at understanding the developing policing environment in Europe and internationally and specifically contain the following:

Course book included Tell Me What Happened: Structured Investigative Interviews of Child Victims and Witnesses by Michael E Lamb


The course is led by Dr. David La Rooy who has received forensic interview training in the USA and UK, as well as additional training in the assessment of the quality of investigative interviews with children. He is a researcher for the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) based at the University of Abertay Dundee. Dr. La Rooy teaches the Honours class in Investigative Interviewing and is the Programme Tutor for the Forensic Psychobiology Degree. He has worked in collaboration with experts in the area of child interviewing and has published articles in scientific journals and spoken at numerous international conferences. His most recent contribution to the area of investigative interviewing is in the recently published book, “The Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations: A Comprehensive Guide to Assessment and Testimony”, available from Wiley.

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