The SIPR Fourth Annual Conference, "Policing in an age of austerity" and The SPSA / SIPR Conference, "New developments in forensic science" 14-15 September 2010, West Park Centre, Dundee


The Fourth SIPR conference was held in partnership with the Scottish Police Services Authority. Following the format of previous SIPR conferences the first day comprised a morning plenary – focusing on the theme of ‘Policing in an Age of Austerity’ - followed by two parallel sessions in the afternoon organised by SIPR’s networks. One session, organised jointly by the Police-Community Relations and Police Organisation networks, focused on practitioner research and show-cased findings from several SIPR Practitioner Fellowship projects where practitioners had worked in partnership with academics on an applied topic of relevance to policing. The other session, organised by the Evidence and Investigation network, focused on the use of new science and technology in the investigation and prosecution of crime and marked the beginning of the ‘New developments in forensic science’ meeting that then extended into the following day and included an opportunity to visit SPSA’s new forensic laboratory in Dundee.

A Book of Abstracts and Biographies (pdf file [457 Kb]) is available to download. This includes Abstracts for all the Poster Presentations.


Policing in an age of austerity

Chair: Professor Nicholas Fyfe, Director SIPR

Parallel Sessions

New developments in forensic science

Chair: Professor Jim Fraser, University of Strathclyde & Associate Director, SIPR

  • Evaluating the contribution of science to the investigation of crime and criminal justice Professor Jim Fraser, Associate Director, SIPR
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    [9.0 Mb, 20 minutes]

  • Remote chemical detection by tunable lasers Graeme Malcolm, M Squared Lasers
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    [9.73 Mb, 21 minutes]

  • Forensic Science Provision to the Criminal Justice system Stan Brown, Chief Executive Forensic Science Northern Ireland
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    [16 Mb, 35 minutes]

  • Interpretation and evaluation of evidence Professor Christophe Champod, University of Lausanne
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Practitioner Research

Chair: Dr Ken Scott, Director, Centre for Criminal Justice and Police Studies, UWS
  • Missing persons: practitioner research to national practice Dr Penny Woolnough, Senior Research Officer, Grampian Police Research Unit
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  • An evaluation of operational deployment of police negotiators to incidents of deliberate self harm CI Andy Brown, Deputy Head, Leadership & Professional Development, Scottish Police College
  • Australian and Scottish Perspectives Professor David Bradley, Edith Cowan University Centre for Social Justice, Washington
  • Panel discussion: Learning from Practitioners' Research Experience Discussant: Supt Tony Beveridge, Tayside Police

Civic Reception and tour at SPSA Forensic Services, City Quay

Civic Reception
Civic Reception, at the SPSA Forensic Facility, Dundee, hosted by Lord Provost John Letford


New developments in forensic science

Chair: Tom Nelson, Director of Forensic Services, SPSA

Chair: Professor Jim Fraser, University of Strathclyde & Associate Director, SIPR

Forensics Showcase

The 'Forensics Showcase' included Posters and Exhibits on:

See the Book of Abstracts for further details (pdf file [457 Kb])

SPSA logo

Martin Innes
Professor Martin Innes

Dusting for fingerprints
(Photo: SPSA)

Forensic examinatiuon of a shoe
Forensic Scientists at work
(Photo: SPSA)

The Mansion House
The Mansion House

The West Park Centre
West Park Centre, Dundee

The West Park Centre_Internal view
West Park Centre, Auditorium