Scottish Police College, Tulliallan, Tuesday 6th September 2011


Increasingly policing in Scotland needs to take account of what is happening in Europe and beyond. The ease of international travel, the movement of peoples, and the global communications network, bring opportunities and create consequences for all of us, including the Scottish policing community. Irrespective of the structure of Scottish policing, there is a need for those who are involved in developing policing policy, undertaking investigations, delivering training, or policing communities to understand the international context, and the international implications for policing in Scotland. There is also an obligation to learn from others.

The Programme explored the main European policing structures, gave an insight into the issues which are involved in participating in international investigations, highlighted the training opportunities that exist, described how policing in Scotland can support initiatives in other countries, and revealed how policing research relevant to Scotland is helping to share knowledge and practice across national boundaries, with a look at ongoing research into major sporting events with potential benefit for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

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