Research Tools Wednesday 20th May 2009, University of Dundee

Following the initial event held in May 2008, this was the second meeting aimed at developing the agenda of how best the academic community can work with the police analyst community. In the first session, four of the Analysts spoke on their role, and this was followed by a demonstration by ESRI on their software, and further talks on the use of GIS for crime mapping. The day concluded with a discussion on the next steps forward, including how best academics and researchers can work together to make maximum use of the datasets available.

Session I: The roles of the Analysts

Session II: Geographical Information Systems

A small Working Group has been established to develop a further programme of events.

The Analysts
The Analysts (l to r): Lavery, Garman, Sharp, Ardron

Speakers on GIS Speakers (l to r): Houston, Bates, McVie, Geddes