Databases, surveillance and crime control

Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Tuesday, 8th December 2009

The importance of databases in the prevention and detection of crime is now a routine part of contemporary discourses of crime control. This seminar critically examined the use of DNA, financial records and passenger information in the fight against crime and in the European war on terrorism, and provided an opportunity to reflect on how the use of these databases raises important legal and ethical questions about the surveillance of human populations as well as the social and political implications of increasing concerns about security.

Seminar Programme

DNA Databases

Datawars: the use of financial records and passenger information in the war on terror

The Audience
The Institute for Advanced Studies, 8th December 2009

Morning speakers
(l to r) Fraser, Tseloni, Ferguson, Heffernan

Afternoon speakers
(l to r) Wesseling, De Goede