Crime Pattern Analysis and Predictive Policing

28th April 2015

The aim of this event was to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the opportunities presented by advanced statistical modelling of crime events and improvements in interactive visualisation of crime data and modelling results.

A team based at St Andrews University around Dr Janine Illian (School of Mathematics and Statistics) have received funding from EPSRC/St Andrews University Impact Acceleration Funds to run a series of workshops. These relate to the development of new statistical methods for analysing crime patterns and predicting their occurrence in space and time. The outputs from such work have important implications for efficient and effective police deployment and crime prevention.


In search of 'what works': a short introduction to evidence-based policing   Professor Nick Fyfe, Dundee

Modern statistical methods for spatio-temporal data - understanding patterns in space and time    Dr Janine Illian, St Andrews

Spatial modelling : its use in predictive policing    Charlotte Jones-Todd, St Andrews

Hot spots, cold spots and the areas in between : exploring changes in crime across time at a neighbourhood level    Dr Ellie Bates, AQMeN Research Fellow in Criminology, Edinburgh

Computer games and modern visualisation methods   Professor James Bown & Paul Robertson, Abertay

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