Cross-disciplinary evidence interpretation: Breaking down the barriers

13th January 2020

Cross-disciplinary evidence interpretation: Breaking down the barriers

Monday 13th January - Edinburgh Napier University, Sighthill Campus

This session aimed to bring together different professional groups and disciplines to explore the understanding of and interpretation of evidence generated and used across the criminal justice system. This event included four excellent speakers who discussed their work, including topics around the use of and interpretation of evidence within the criminal justice system.

The organisers promoted discussion on interpretations of different types of evidence across professions and how this may promote bias (or reduce it, possibly?) within the criminal justice system, and then to discuss effective ways of working together to break down potential barriers to effective cross-disciplinary working in this area. They also sought to identify barriers to cross-disciplinary working in the area and potential strategies to break these down.

Speakers included:

Keynote Speaker Dr Karen Richmond, European Graduate School, Talk: “Under construction: The Interpretation and Evaluation of Scientific Evidence.”

Dr Claire Coleman, Police Scotland - Education Lead "Contact Assessment Model"

Dr Penny Haddrill, University of Strathclyde, 20 minute talk (Title TBC) and 10 minute discussion

Invited Speaker Dr James Munro, Edinburgh Napier University “Assessing cognitive bias in forensic decisions: A review and outlook”.