Leadership for Policing in Times of Change

1st June 2015

This full day Conference was jointly organised by SIPR and ProPEL (Professional Practice, Education and Learning).

Following on from the very successful SIPR-sponsored event held at the University of Stirling in June 2014, prior to their Professional Education and Leadership Conference, this event aimed to help inform and contribute to current discussions about the future direction of police education and professionalism in Scotland and included presentations by Mike Robbins (Provost of Stirling and leadership consultant); Kate Hudson (Scottish Prison Service); Graham Leicester (Director, International Futures Forum) and Steve Allen (DCC, Police Scotland).


Programme and biographical details of speakers for this event


Powerpoints and podcasts from this event are shown below.

    • Professor Tara Fenwick (Director of ProPEL and Associate Director, SIPR) & Professor Nicholas Fyfe (Director, (SIPR) : Welcome and Introduction
      Podcast [10 minutes, 3.7 Mb]


  • Mike Robbins (Provost of Stirling and leadership consultant)
    PowerPoint Presentation... [2.2 Mb]
    Podcast [41minutes, 14.8 Mb]

  • Kate Hudson (Head of Learning & Development, Scottish Prison Service)
    Podcast [24 minutes, 8.6 Mb]

  • Discussion Group - Q&A
    Podcast [11 minutes, 3.8 Mb]

    Notes from the Discussion Group [25 Kb]

  • Graham Leicester (Director, International Futures Forum)
    Podcast [38 minutes, 13.9 Mb]

  • Steve Allen (Deputy Chief Constable, Police Scotland)
    Podcast [25 minutes, 9.1 Mb]

  • Discussion Group - Feedback
    Podcast [14 minutes, 5.3 Mb]

    Graham Leicester outlines the change in Dominance Fit for the first, second and third horizons with time

    Discussion Groups
    Discussion groups

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