New Directions in Policing: Policing, Entrepreneurial Leadership and Change

7th May 2009

Entrepreneurial policing is one of the emerging new concepts in police leadership (post the Flannigan Report) but what does it mean? This event brought academics and police officers together to discuss potential new directions in policing.

Programme and Presentations

  • Professor Dennis Tourish (Robert Gordon University): New directions in police leadership
    PowerPoint [6.67 Mb]
  • Dr Robert Smith (Robert Gordon University): Entrepreneurial policing and leadership
    PowerPoint [351 Kb]
  • Mr Barry Loveday (Portsmouth University): Leadership and change in the police
    PowerPoint [1.68 Mb]
  • Dr Robin Fletcher (Middlesex University): The entrepreneurial detective and the current trend towards deskilling
    PowerPoint [80 Kb]
  • Ian Roy (Leadership Division, Scottish Police College): The new Scottish Police Leadership Diploma; entrepreneurial policing in action
    PowerPoint [1.85 Mb]
  • ACC Colin Menzies (Grampian Police): The dilemma between the tasking and co-ordinating/command & control ethos
    PowerPoint [101 Kb]

For further details on Entrepreneurial policing, please see the article by Dr Robert Smith, Robert Gordon University, which appeared in The Police Professional, February 12, 2009