The Unique Knowledge and Practice of Scottish Rural Policing: implications for governance, supervision, support and training in times of austerity. Monday 28th November, Northern Constabulary, Inverness

The conference shared the findings of a pilot study, conducted in partnership with Northern Constabulary, and funded by SIPR, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stirling School of Education. The study examined the dimensions of rural policing practice and knowledge in Scotland and looked at the unique demands that are encountered by the police service in different rural contexts in Scotland, and the unique approaches to policing that have been developed. The key findings were linked to critical issues and changes facing Scottish police forces today.

A report of the research is available as SIPR Research Summary (No 10)


Welcome and Opening Comments DCC Andy Cowie, Northern Constabulary & Professor Nick Fyfe, Director, SIPR

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The Speakers
Scottish Rural Policing, 28 November 2011

(l to r): Nick Fyfe, Andy Cowie, Tara Fenwick, Richard Dockrell, Simon Anderson

Northern Constabulary