Scottish International Policing Conference 2016

10th November 2016

Policing: Localism in a globalising world

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) organised the Scottish International Policing Conference on 10 November, building on the success of the previous International Policing Conferences.

Supported by the James Smart Memorial Trust and the Scottish Government, the theme of this year's conference was Policing: Localism in a globalising world, with contributions from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, MSP, the Chair of the Scottish Police Authority, Andrew Flanagan, the Chief Constable, Phil Gormley, QPM, and Professor Paul Ponsaers, University of Ghent.

A challenge for any contemporary police service is the delivery of legitimate, locally responsive policing in a world where many problems that are experienced locally have a global dimension. As the Scottish Institute for Policing Research celebrates its first ten years since its launch in October 2006, and Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority look to develop a forward-looking vision for policing in 2026 and beyond, this conference explored the challenges of localism in relation to six themes: performance, partnership, prevention, place, public accountability, and people and organisational development, and the lessons learned from recent Scottish and international research.

The conference was Chaired by Paddy Tomkins, Director of Droman Ltd and former Chief Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland.


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Presentation of the James Smart Memorial Medal

Presentation of the James Smart Memorial Medal. (l to r) Andrew Flanagan (SPA),CC Phil Gormley (Police Scotland), Paul Ponsaers, Iain McLeod (IESIS), Nick Fyfe, Paddy Tomkins (Chair) (SIPR)


Plenary Session

Chair: Paddy Tomkins QPM, Droman Ltd

Compilation video

09.30  Chair's Welcome
          Podcast [2 minutes, 0.7 Mb]

09.40  Michael Matheson MSP Cabinet Secretary for Justice
          Podcast [12 minutes, 4.2 Mb]

Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson

09.50  Andrew Flanagan Chair, Scottish Police Authority
          Podcast [12 minutes, 4.3 Mb]

10.00  CC Phil Gormley QPM Chief Constable, Police Scotland
          Podcast [14 minutes, 5.0 Mb]

CC Phil Gormley

          Introduction to the 44th James Smart Memorial Lecture and welcome to
          the speaker

10.10  The 44th James Smart Memorial Lecture Professor Paul Ponsaers
          Policing European Metropolises: Convergence and Divergence in the Politics
          of Security in City-Regions

CC Paul Ponsaers

          PowerPoint Presentation [1.2 Mb]
          Podcast [39 minutes, 13.7 Mb]

10.50  Vote of thanks by Professor Nicholas Fyfe and presentation
          of the James Smart Medal by Professor Iain MacDonald (IESIS)

          Podcast [7 minutes, 2.6 Mb]

          The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between SIPR and the
          Research Department of the Norwegian Police University College

          Professor Nicholas Fyfe & Nina Jon, Acting Head of Research

Signing of the MoU

11.15  Tea / Coffee and Displays

Workshops I

11.45 - 13.15  Participants chose from the following selection of Workshops


VENUE : Pentland West
Chair: Professor Nick Fyfe (Director, SIPR)

Betsy Stanko

  • Professor Betsy Stanko OBE
              Podcast [25 minutes, 9.1 Mb]

  • ACC Andy Cowie (Police Scotland)
              Podcast [22 minutes, 7.7 Mb]
              PowerPoint Presentation [0.8 Mb]

  • Simon Guilfoyle (Police Inspector, Author & PhD Candidate)
              Podcast [19 minutes, 6.9 Mb]
              PowerPoint Presentation [3.1 Mb]

  • Discussion
              Podcast [26 minutes, 9.1 Mb]


VENUE : Pentland East
Chair: Dr Alistair Henry

Megan O'Neill

  • Dr Megan O'Neill (University of Dundee)
              Podcast [24 minutes, 8.6 Mb]
              PowerPoint Presentation [169 Kb]

  • Tom Halpin (Chief Executive, SACRO)
              Podcast [10 minutes, 3.6 Mb]

  • ACC Malcolm Graham (Police Scotland)
              Podcast [19 minutes, 6.6 Mb]

  • Discussion
              Podcast [35 minutes, 12.5 Mb]


VENUE : Prestonfield
Chair: Miranda Alcock (SIPR Associate)

Gloria Laycock

13.15  Buffet Lunch


Workshops II

14.00 - 15.30  Participants chose from the following selection of Workshops


VENUE : Pentland West
Chair: Professor Nick Fyfe (Director, SIPR)

Cynthia Lum

  • Professor Cynthia Lum [Presenting by video link] (George Mason University, Washington)
              PDF of Presentation [838 Kb]
              Podcast [15 minutes, 5.3 Mb]

  • Supt James Royan (Police Scotlnd)
              PowerPoint Presentation [4.9 Mb]
              Podcast [19 minutes, 6.5 Mb]

  • Professor Jon Banister (Manchester Metropolitan University)
              PowerPoint Presentation [1.1 Mb]
              Podcast [21 minutes, 7.3 Mb]

  • Discussion
              Podcast [20 minutes, 7.2 Mb]


VENUE : Pentland East
Chair: Derek Penman (HMICS)

Alistair Henry


VENUE : Prestonfield
Chair: Dr Liz Aston (Edinburgh Napier)

Stephen Brookes

  • Dr Stephen Brookes (University of Manchester)
              PowerPoint Presentation [70.5 Mb]
              Podcast [19 minutes, 6.7 Mb]

  • Auke van Diijk (Strategist Think Tank, Dutch Police)
              PowerPoint Presentation [824 Kb]
              Podcast [20 minutes, 7.2 Mb]

  • Angela Terry (Head of Leadership & Professional Development, Police Scotland)
              Podcast [16 minutes, 6.0 Mb]

  • Discussion
              Podcast [31 minutes, 11.1 Mb]



15.30  Reception, hosted by CC Phil Gormley QPM

16.30  Conference closes


This Conference was organised by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research in partnership with:

The Scottish Government

The John McIntyre Centre

The John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls

The James Smart Memorial Lecturer: Professor Paul Ponsaers

Paul Ponsaers width=

Professor Paul Ponsaers started his scientific career as assistant professor at the University of Leuven (KULeuven). During this period he was particularly engaged in research on terrorism. After a period of five years as journalist, specialized on extreme right-wing violence and terrorism, he became departmental head of the Police Policy Support Unit at the department of Interior for ten years. Here he set up several research projects on the development of registered crime statistics and the monitoring of security. Since 1998, Paul has been at the department of Criminal Law, Criminology and Social Law, Ghent University, where he set up the research unit on Social Analysis of Severity (SVA) and taught 'Police Sciences', 'Sociology of Law' and 'Methods and Techniques of Criminological Research'. He became Emeritus Professor in 2012 and is still a member of the staff.

Paul published an important number of articles and papers in national and international journals and books concerning policing, financial and economic crime, crime analysis and security policy. Currently he concentrates on the project "Policing European Metropolises".



Norwegian Police University College

Andrew Flanagan