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CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT & CALL FOR PAPERS - Cultural Representations of Crime and Policing: Scottish and International Perspectives, Past and Present. 16-17 April 2013, West Park Conference Centre, Dundee
Proposals for individual 20 minute presentations will be considered and should be submitted by 15th January 2013 to Dr Murray Frame at Please include a short biography and a brief abstract (c.250 words) of your proposed paper.

The aim of the conference is to explore the ways in which crime and policing have been understood and portrayed in popular culture from the Enlightenment to the present day. The focus will be on both the Scottish experience and the wider international context. Key themes will include the extent to which cultural representations of crime and policing - for example print and visual media, both fictional and non-fictional - differ from realities, and how far media portrayals shape popular understandings of crime and policing. Central to these discussions will be the question of what causes cultural representations and perceptions of crime and policing to change over the longer term. The event is aimed at a wide range of academic disciplines, criminal justice practitioners, and cultural media.

International Policing Conference 2012 - SLIDES AND PODCASTS AVAILABLE
the conference was the first time that the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, the newly appointed Chair of the Scottish Police Authority and the future Chief Constable of Scotland set out publicly their visions for the new Police Service of Scotland. Slides and podcast available to download...

The Sixth SIPR Annual Lecture, The new police professionalism - democracy, evidence based practice and a 21st century profession was presented by Peter Neyroud CBE QPM. Peter Neyroud is a former Chief Constable, Chief Executive for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and a widely published author of books, articles and papers on policing and Editor of the Oxford Journal of Policing. His last major piece of work in policing was a "fundamental review of Police Leadership and Training" for the Home Secretary, which was published in April 2011.  Slides and podcast available to download...

Policy Transfer in Policing: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives - SLIDES AND PODCASTS AVAILABLE
This conference was the third in a series of events funded by a RSE Award on the theme of Crime and Policing in Scotland: Past and Present. Speakers: Bjorn Furuhagen (Uppsala University, Sweden); Jarrett Blaustein (University of Edinburgh); Georgina Sinclair (International Centre for Crime, Policing and Justice, Open University); Liam O’Shea (University of St Andrews)  Slides and podcast available to download...

SEBP Annual Conference 2013: Evidence based policing, the new normality
The Society of Evidence Based Policing's third annual conference will be supported by SIPR, and hosted by the Law School, University of Edinburgh, at the prestigious location of the Playfair Library on Wednesday 13th February 2013. Speakers to include: Professor Besty Stanko, Met Police; Professor Larry Sherman, Cambridge; Peter Neyroud, Cambridge; Fiona Gabbert, Abertay; Paul Quinton, NPIA; Louise Grove, Loughborough.

The conference (priced £50) is open to all members of the Society of Evidence Based Policing, which you can join for free by completing the application form. Please contact the Secretary of the Society, at or 0161 856 2376 to register.

Missing Persons in a European context: research, practitioner and policy perspectives, 17th May 2013 in Brussels
The aims of the seminar are to share findings from recent and current research on missing persons, to understand the challenges faced by practitioners and policy makers with responsibilities for missing persons, and to help build an inter-disciplinary and inter-professional European network of those working in this field.

Attendance will be FREE, and refreshments and lunch will be provided. Attendees will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation.

For further information on attending the seminar or if you would like to make a presentation, please contact: Tim Heilbronn

Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland: a Social History
A new project examining the relationship between police officers and the diverse urban and rural communities they served in Scotland c.1900-1970 recently started at the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Former officers who served in the west and north of Scotland in the 1940s-60s who would be interested in volunteering for interview should contact Dr Neil Davidson ( More ...

SIPR Research Report: Evaluation of the Strathclyde Extended Deployment of Taser Pilot
by Professor Kenneth Scott, University of the West of Scotland. The aim of the Extended Deployment of Taser (EDT) Pilot was to assess the effectiveness of deploying Specially Trained Officers (STOs), who are not authorised firearms officers, on the front-line with Taser X26 devices as an additional tactical option in operational policing situations requiring the use of force.  More ...

Democratic Governance of Policing: The Role and Implications of Elected Police and Crime Commissioners, University of Leeds, 17th January
Sponsored by the British Society of Criminology (BSC), Policing Network and the Security and Justice Research Group of the 'Building Sustainable Societies' Initiative at the University of Leeds The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies is hosting this one day conference (priced £90) to explore policy, practice and research issues concerning the future governance of policing in the light of the arrival of the first tranche of directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales.  More ...

North West Policing Research Symposium, Liverpool John Moores University, Wednesday 20th February 2013
The aim of this event is to showcase innovative, interdisciplinary policing scholarship being produced by universities and policing stakeholders across the North West. The event is targeted at universities and policing stakeholders nationally. This is a free event, but Registration is necessary. Speakers include Peter Neyroud (University of Cambridge), Anda Bayliss (College of Policing), and Ross Deuchar, UWS.  More ...

New book - Suggestibility in Legal Contexts : Psychological Research and Forensic Implications
Suggestibility in Legal Contexts is a comprehensive guide, edited by Anne Ridley (London South Bank Univeristy), Fiona Gabbert and David La Rooy (Abertay University) to the theory, research and forensic implications related to suggestibility in legal contexts. It traces the history of the topic from the early twentieth century to the present, including its post-1970s resurgence after the publication of the seminal research of Elizabeth Loftus. More ...

Policing and European Studies
Call for Papers for: Challenges and Critiques of the EU Internal Security Strategy, 17th May 2013, University of Abertay Dundee. In addition to addressing ongoing issues in cross border policing, the EU's Internal Security Strategy has highlighted new areas for development within the EU cross border law enforcement framework. Changing political, security and economic realities are also having an impact on the EU law enforcement landscape, law enforcement practitioners and transnational criminals. Closing date for offers, 18th January 2013 More ...

First International Conference on Missing Children and Adults, 18-20th of June 2013, University of Portsmouth
The conference will be partnered by Missing People, CEOP, UK Missing Persons Bureau and the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons. Offers are invited for papers and posters on: Geographies of missing persons; Risk Assessment; Search and rescue strategies; Child protection; The social experience of going missing; Criminal activity; Policing; International approaches to missing; Vulnerable adults. Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2013 More ...

CPD Course - University of Abertay. "How good are my interviews? Assuring quality for child interviewers"
This CPD course, run by SIPR-funded lecturer David La Rooy at the University of Abertay, is a practical system for maintaining and improving interview skills based on best-practice guidelines and scientific research. The course is being run again on 16th to 18th January. Other dates are available - contact Laura Jeffrey, CPD Administrator, University of Abertay.  More ...

NEW LEAFLET... SIPR Postgraduate Diploma / MSc in Policing Studies
This programme has been developed for police officers and police staff, people involved with policing from other backgrounds (such as those in the public, community and voluntary sectors who work in criminal justice and community safety fields) and those interested in a career in policing from across the UK and internationally. Download a new leaflet to see what current students say about the Course in a case study... More information on the course...

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