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VRU conference: Scotland and Violence Prevention, 12 - 15 October, Scottish Police College
This conference is being held in collaboration with St Andrews University, SIPR, Medics Against Violence and the Police and is being delivered under the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance banner. As well as workshops by the practitioners who delivered CIRV in Glasgow, some of the leading international authorities on violence will be appearing at the conference.  LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Closing bookings Noon, Friday 5th October ...

The Sixth SIPR Annual Lecture, 25th October 2012, The Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh
The Sixth SIPR Annual Lecture, The new police professionalism - democracy, evidence based practice and a 21st century profession will be presented by Peter Neyroud CBE QPM. Peter Neyroud is a former Chief Constable, Chief Executive for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and a widely published author of books, articles and papers on policing and Editor of the Oxford Journal of Policing. His last major piece of work in policing was a "fundamental review of Police Leadership and Training" for the Home Secretary, which was published in April 2011.  CLOSING DATE FOR BOOKING: 12TH OCTOBER ...

Policy Transfer in Policing: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Tuesday, 4th December 2012, St Leonard's Hall, University of Edinburgh, 11.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
This conference is the third in a series of events funded by a RSE Award on the theme of Crime and Policing in Scotland: Past and Present. Speakers: Björn Furuhagen (Uppsala University, Sweden); Gordon Marnoch (University of Ulster); Georgina Sinclair (International Centre for Crime, Policing and Justice, Open University); Liam O’Shea (University of St Andrews)  Please book on-line by 16th November ...

SEBP Annual Conference 2013: Evidence based policing, the new normality
The Society of Evidence Based Policing's third annual conference will be supported by SIPR, and hosted by the Law School, University of Edinburgh, at the prestigious location of the Playfair Library on Wednesday 13th February 2013. Speakers to include: Besty Stanko, Met Police; Lawrence Sherman, Cambridge; Peter Neyroud, Cambridge; Fiona Gabbert, Abertay; Paul Quinton, NPIA; Louise Grove, Loughborough.

The conference (priced £50) is open to all members of the Society of Evidence Based Policing, which you can join for free by completing the application form. Please contact the Secretary of the Society, Andrea Caddick, at or 0161 856 1929 to register.

Institute for Youth and Community Research - Official Launch - 1st November, 1-5pm, Almada Hall, University of the West of Scotland
Since its inception in 2011, the Youth, Social Justice & Inclusive Education Network at UWS's School of Education has brought together world-class academics, practitioners and research students to generate new research about the challenges facing young people and the impact of multi-agency initiatives in re-engaging the hardest to reach. Book free places for this Launch Event by Friday 19th October ...

First International Conference on Missing Children and Adults, 18-20th of June 2013, University of Portsmouth
The conference will be partnered by Missing People, CEOP, UK Missing Persons Bureau and the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons. Offers are invited for papers and posters on: Geographies of missing persons; Risk Assessment; Search and rescue strategies; Child protection; The social experience of going missing; Criminal activity; Policing; International approaches to missing; Vulnerable adults. Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2013 More ...

Work Programme for the FP7 Security theme for 2013
The European Commission has now published the 2013 Work Programme for the FP7 Security theme, with a budget of almost 300 million euros and a deadline of 22 November 2012 for submission of proposals. SIPR launched its Engagement in European Policing Research Programme ealier this year, and invites funding application to offset nonrecoverable costs involved in preparing proposals at the pre-award stages. Each EEPR application can be for a maximum of £5,000 for any one proposal. EU FP7 website ...
The AHRC is also offering grants up to £10,000. See the AHRC website.
A Security Research Projects Database has been developed to help researchers find partners. See the Security Research Map.

Nothing cuts crime like a payslip
Glasgow Employers Advisory Group on Ex Offenders have launched a set of recommendations on improving employability outcomes for people involved in the Criminal Justice System. Hugh McAloon, Deputy Director for Employability and Skills, provided the keynote address at an event attended by over 50 people from the employability and justice fields. The work was also the focus of Kay Adams' programme on BBC Radio Scotland and an article in the Herald.  More ...

VACANCY - PostDoc Research Associate : University of Strathclyde. 2 years
Applications are invited for this post in the Centre for Forensic Science. The main focus of this role will be to investigate the legal, sociological, criminological and organisational aspects of forensic science. You will hold a doctorate or equivalent in a relevant social science subject and have experience of quantitative research methods. Experience of writing up academic material for publication and the ability to design research studies and analyse complex data are also key skills.  More ...

Centres for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security
As part of a strategy to enhance the nation's academic capability in all fields of cyber security, the EPSRC wishes to support two Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in cyber security. The Centres will call on a wide range of expertise to deliver multidisciplinary training and so help to provide the breadth of skills needed to underpin the work of the UK's next generation of doctoral-level cyber security experts.Closing Date: 08-11-2012 More ...

Call for Papers: Edited Collection
Dr Karen Lumsden (University of Abertay Dundee) & Heather M. Morgan (University of Aberdeen) have issued a Call for Papers on Reflexivity in Criminological Research: Experiences with the Powerless and the Powerful. They would be keen to receive submissions from those researching policing and related topics. Deadline 30th November for Abstracts, and completed papers, if selected, 1 August 2013.  More ...

Tides and currents in police theories, 12-13 December, Deinze, Belgium
This 2-day event, organised by the Flemish Centre for Police Studies, will be held in English and Dutch, and will include a Session on Transformation of Policing, including presentations from Scotland by Nick Fyfe (University of Dundee), Alistair Henry (University of Edinburgh) and John Hawkins (L&B Police).  Full details of the Programme and Registration information...

Learn to use and apply spatial analytical methods to your own data
The TALISMAN node of the National Centre for Research Methods is offering six fellowships for individuals in non-academic institutions to undertake defined research projects at the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP) in Leeds or the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) in London. The Fellowships will provide individuals with an opportunity to learn and apply spatial analytical methods to their own data. For further information about the User Fellowships and to apply,  please see TALISMAN website

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