Dr Penny Haddrill

University of Strathclyde

Teaching Fellow / Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Evidence and Investigation

Education & Leadership Network, Academic, Network Steering Group

Dr Penny Haddrill is a researcher with over 20 years of experience working in population and molecular genetics, now leading a research programme in forensic genetics. Currently Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde, she is responsible for the delivery of forensic biology and forensic genetics teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She has completed extensive training in operational forensics and second opinion forensic casework methods, and has undertaken defence reviews of scientific (DNA) evidence, including provision of expert testimony in court. She is a Professional Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a member of the Scottish Institute of Policing Research Evidence and Investigation Network Steering Group.

My research interests focus on the development of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) assays to determine the source, type, age and time of deposition of forensic samples, such as single or mixed body fluid stains and touch DNA. Our current research includes the development of DNA methylation models to accurately determine donor age across a range of forensically relevant tissue types, degradation assays examining fragmentation rates of different RNA molecule types to determine the time of deposition of body fluid stains, and generation of population genetic data in under-represented populations for a range of forensic marker types.

1: Haidar M, Alsaleh H, Haddrill PR (2019) Population genetics of 30 insertion/deletion markers in the Kuwaiti population. International Journal of Legal Medicine, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00414-019-02180-4.
2: Alsaleh H, Haddrill PR (2019) Identifying blood-specific age-related DNA methylation markers on the Illumina Methylation Epic® BeadChip. Forensic Science International, 303: 109944.
3: Alshehhi S, Haddrill PR (2019) Estimating time since deposition using quantification of RNA degradation in body fluid-specific markers. Forensic Science International, 298: 58-63.

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Dr Penny Haddrill


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