Dr Jeffrey Stevenson Murer

University of St Andrews
Lecturer on Collective Violence, The School of International Relations and Psychology

University of St Andrews
Arts Faculty Building
Library Park, The Scores
St Andrews
KY16 9AX
Tel: 01334 461924
Fax: 01334 462937

ResearchMy research explores the processes of collective identity formation and the impulses toward violence within them.  I am particularly interested in examining how enemy-others are created and how patterns of hatred and debasement are transmitted intergenerationally.  My research explores the conditions under which violence is permissible, and at times even required to remain within a given collectivity.  I am also interested in how this violence can be abated and explore under what conditions conflicts may be amelioriated and conflicting parties reconciled.

NetworkPolice-community relations; Police organization: Academic

GroupSIPR Lecturer

ProfileMy current research explores identity attachments within immigrant communities in Scotland.  It asks under what conditions do attachments toward source culture and polity wane with growing attachments for the new political economic community, and under what conditions do migrants feel un attached to target communities, polities and economies.   My current research expores these questions comparatively across numerous immigrant communities, new and old, in many different areas of Scotland.

PublicationsFlashpoints in the War on Terrorism, Reveron, Derek and Jeffrey Murer eds., (Routledge 2006) .   ?The Clash Within: Intrapsychically Created Enemies and Their Roles in Ethno-Nationalist Conflict? in Violence and Politics: Globalization?s Paradox, Worcester, Kent, Ungar, Mark, and Bermanzohn, Sally eds., (Routledge, 2002), pp.209-225. ?La terreur des opprimés ? Un examen comparatiste des réponses au terrorisme? in Topique: Revue Freudienne, 2003, Number 83, pp. 13-22 (Translated into French by Thamy Ayouch)

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