Dr Peter Sproat

Univ. of the West of Scotland
Lecturer in Policing

University of the West of Scotland
Caird Building
Hamilton Campus
Tel: 01698 894409
Fax: 01698 282131

ResearchFinancial and Transnational Crime; International Terrorism; Transnational Policing.

NetworkPolice organization: Academic

GroupSIPR Network 3 Steering Group

ProfileDr Peter A. Sproat is a lecturer in policing at the Hamilton Campus of the University of West of Scotland. His present-day specialisms in terrorism and counter-terrorist finance, money laundering and asset recovery reflect to a large extent the work he was engaged upon as Programme Leader of the MA in Fraud Management at the University of Teesside if not his previous employment and research. Prior to obtaining that position he taught various politics modules at the University of Reading, University of Newcastle and University of Durham.  In addition to possessing politics based B.A.(Hons), M.A. and Ph.D. qualifications, Dr Sproat is a qualified teacher and possesses a postgraduate qualification in law. He has published peer-reviewed articles on terrorism, genocide, the right to self-determination in international law in The Journal of Genocide Studies and Terrorism and Political Violence. More recently he has: examined the social impact of counter-terrorist finance legislation in the United Kingdom in an article in Crime, Law and Social Change; and attempted a financial cost-benefit analysis and an evaluation of the impact of the money laundering and asset recovery regime in the United Kingdom in The Journal of Money Laundering Control and Crime, Law and Social Change respectively. Presently, he is attempting to write articles on the U.K.?s counter-terrorist finance regime and its critics, asset recovery in Scotland, and the impact of money laundering and asset recovery on organised crime.

Publications(2008) ?Counter Terrorist Finance Policies in the UK: An Evaluation? in J. Moran and M. Phythian (eds) In The Shadow Of 9/11: Intelligence, Security And Policing In The UK?s War On Terror (London: Macmillan); (2007)?The new policing of assets and the new assets of policing: A tentative financial cost-benefit analysis of the UK's anti-money laundering and asset recovery regime?, Journal of Money Laundering Control  Vol.10 No.3 2007 pp277-299; (2007) ?An evaluation of the UK?s anti-money laundering and asset recovery regime?, Crime Law and Social Change Vol. 47 No. 3  2007 pp169-184

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