Professor David Bradley

SIPR Associate
Adjunct Professor, Edith Cowan University Centre for Social Justice, Washington

14 Pollock Morris Drive

ResearchAll aspects of policing but especially education and management, as well as research into rape, its investigation and its (non) reporting and the issue of false alegation.

GroupSIPR Associate


Encouraging police scholarship in Australia: for the past twenty three years I have striven to acquire and maintain a visible and credible standing within mainstream academic life, both in Australia and internationally, whilst at the same time undertaking hands-on educational leadership and management. The latter has involved a very large and detailed volume of curriculum needs analysis, design and development, and a large number of evaluation and strategic policy reports on a wide range of police subjects (including chairing two major reviews of recruitment policy, and a major research-study of professional police competencies).

I have also played an active role in creating an environment within which closer and productive ties between the Police Service and the university system could be encouraged to take root.

I have facilitated research partnerships between Victoria Police and university research groups. Victoria Police now has been awarded twenty Linkage grants over the past five years, involving some sixteen universities and one hundred academic researchers. The projects include research on policing and forensic interviewing, counter-terrorism, organisational behaviour, adult sexual assault, multiculturalism, family violence, policing and the mentally ill, policing and victims, criminal investigation, responding to road incidents, and quality part time work.  I was partly instrumental in getting the Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security set up in 2007.
Co-founding member, Centre for Police Studies, University of Strathclyde, 1982 - 1986; Foundation Dean of Studies, NSW Police Academy, 1987-1995; Director, Programs and Staff Development, NSW Police Academy 1996-1997; Director, Curriculum, Research and Continuing Education, NSW Police Academy, 1997-2000; Director, Planning and Research, NSW Police College, 2000-2002: Victoria Police Fellow in Criminal Justice, RMIT University, June 2002; 2005 to present Victoria Police Research Fellow, Office of Chief Commissioner: Adjunct Professor, Centre for Social Justice, Edith Cowan University: January 2009-December 2011.


Policing Us More Gently: An Australian Case Study (with Nixon, C.), (2007) in Ederheimer, J. (ed) Strategies for Resolving Conflict and Minimizing Use of Force, Police Executive Research Forum.

Embedded Partnership Policing: What We?ve Learned From the Nexus Policing Project, (2009) in Grabosky, P. (ed)  Community Policing and Peacekeeping, CRC Press.

Ending the ?dialogue of the deaf?: evidence and policing policies and practices: An Australian case study (with C. Nixon), in Police Practice & Research: An International Journal, Volume 10, Numbers 5-6 October-December 2009.(special issue edited by Les Johnstone and Clifford Shearing)

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