Steve Reicher

St Andrews University
St Andrews

ProfileSteve Reicher is a social psychologist and is broadly interested in the issues of group behaviour and the individual-social relationship. More specifically, his recent research can be grouped into three areas. The first is an attempt to develop a model of crowd action that accounts for both social determination and social change. The second concerns the construction of social categories through language and action. The third concerns political rhetoric and mass mobilisation - especially around the issue of national identity. Currently, he is funded by the Leverhulme Foundation (jointly with Nick Hopkins of Dundee University) looking at the impact of devolution on Scottish identity and social action in Scotland, by the ESRC (jointly with John Drury of Sussex University) looking at social identity processes in panic, and by the Home Office (jointly with Clifford Stott of Liverpool University) looking at crowd=police interactions at European football matches.

PublicationsREICHER, S., STOTT, C., DRURY, J., ADANG, O., CRONIN, P., & LIVINGSTONE, A. (2007). Knowledge-based public order policing: Principles and practice. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 1, 403-415. Reicher, S. & Hopkins, N. (2001) Self and Nation. London: Sage. Reicher, S. (2001) Crowds and Social Movements. In M. Hogg & S. Tindale (Eds.) Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Group Processes. Oxford: Blackwell. Drury, J. & Reicher, S. (2000) Collective action and social change: the emergence of new social identities. British Journal of Social Psychology, 39, 579 - 604.

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