Dr Stephen Ritchie

Organisational Factors
Researcher and Consultant

Organisational Factors
67 Kingsfield Road
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Tel: 0791 775 2479

NetworkPolice organization: Practitioner

GroupSIPR Associate


Steve has over 30 years experience in policing, having worked with both Central Scotland Police and with Grampian Police.  During his police service he worked in operational policing both on the beat and as a supervisor. 

He played managed several critical computerisation projects (crime recording and reporting, custody management, resource management, and business intelligence and data warehousing) that delivered process improvement and enhanced the capability to manage knowledge resources in support of operational delivery.  Latterly, he worked in support of executive decision-making developing the use of performance information mined from Force data systems.

Wining a Bramshill Fellowship in 2004, Steve conducted in depth research into the nature of performance management practice in policing across the UK.  This culminated in the completion of his PhD Thesis in 2010.

Between 2006 and 2009 was also a team member in a collaboration between ACPOS, HMIC and the Scottish Government developing a performance framework for Scottish Policing (SPPF). 

In 2010, Steve was awarded the rare and prestigious Fulbright Scottish Police Research Award to examine policing practice in NYPD?s Operation Impact. 

After retiring from the police service in 2011, Steve is developing publications based on his policing research.


IQPC Police Performance Management Conference, London, speaker and panel member 2005 and 2009.
Senior management training at Tulliallan - inputs on case studies in performance management.

(2010) ?An investigation of the impact and prevalence of organisational learning in performance management practice in UK policing?. PhD thesis

(2011) ?Assessing Organisational Learning: NYPD's Operation Impact, Fulbright Scottish Police Research Report

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