Garry Elliott

Associate Tutor, Scottish Police College

21 Robert Sparrow Gardens
Oxon OX10 8DQ
Tel: 01491 837524


Garry is an associate tutor at both NPIA (Bramshill) and the Scottish Police College (Tulliallan Castle) and has wide experience of teaching senior leaders in police forces both in the UK and internationally.  Here are some examples of his recent work:


?         Since 2004 he has been responsible for developing and delivering the Strategic Leadership Module of the annual International Strategic Leadership Programme at Bramshill.  Between 2006 and 2009 he ran a similar module on the successful Chevening Fellowship programme.


?         During 2010 he worked with the senior officers of the Mauritius Police Force to help them develop and implement their new Strategic Framework.


?         In 2006 he designed the strategic and operational commander level programmes for senior police officers in the United Arab Emirates.  He also delivered the Strategic programme in Abu Dhabi in 2006 and 2007.


?         In 2007 he designed and delivered courses on strategic management and change for the Regional Executive Leadership Programme at JCLEC, Indonesia.


?         In 2007 he designed and delivered a three week course on strategic leadership in Trinidad and Tobago.


?         He regularly runs courses on strategic management and decision making for middle level leaders at the Scottish Police College and sessions on resource and capability management for the International Leadership Programme at Bramshill.


?         As well as working with UK police forces he has delivered training for police officers in Cyprus, the Peoples Republic of China, and for the General Secretariat of Interpol.  He has also designed and delivered courses on Futures Thinking, Financial Management and Creative Problem Solving.



Garry Elliott combines the experience of 30 years as a police officer with study and work at business schools to help leaders develop strategies to improve the performance of their organisations.


Success for all organisations does not come from the pixels of individual activity but from how they all fit together to form the big picture.  Garry?s courses help leaders to think about how their organisations operate and show the importance of strategic approaches for building long term success.

Garry Elliott has been an Associate Lecturer with the Open University Business School since 1991, tutoring on the Strategy Module of the MBA and undergraduate programmes.


Since October 2008 he has been a Research Associate with Henley Business School studying for a doctorate looking at strategic management in policing.


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