Dr Garth den Heyer

Police Foundation, Washington, DC

c/o New Zealand Police
5 Bank Road
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NetworkPolice Leadership & Education - Academic & Practitioner


I am an Inspector with the New Zealand Police with more than 33 years’ experience.  I have extensive experience in police and security sector reform issues, including in developing nations.  I was deployed for 20 months to the Solomon Islands as part of RAMSI to advise both the international police and the local police on organisational reform. 


I have published a number of papers and articles on policing, including on the militarization of police, police reform in post conflict states and service delivery effectiveness.  I have recently completed an 18 month United States Institute of Peace funded research project which evaluated the role of civilian police in peacekeeping and am currently the Principal Investigator on a US Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) funded research project.  This project is an international comparative assessment of the cost-reducing strategies adopted by police agencies to maintain the effective and efficient delivery of services.


I am also currently undertaking a 12-month funded research project that is examining the establishment of Police Scotland and the wider issues associated with Scottish Police reform programme.


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