Professor Jim Fraser

University of Strathclyde
The Centre for Forensic Science

University of Strathclyde
Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry
Royal College, 204 George Street
G1 1XW
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Police use of forensic science, investigative use of forensic evidence and intelligence, evaluation of good practice, use of forensic science in the criminal justice process, conceptual models of forensic science, cold case and investigative reviews


NetworkEvidence and investigation: Academic

GroupAssociate Director; SIPR Executive Committee; Network Steering Group


Jim Fraser is Professor of forensic science and Director of the University of Strathclyde's Centre for Forensic Science. He is Chair of the European Academy of Forensic Science a past President of the Forensic Science Society. He has extensive experience as an expert witness in criminal courts in the UK and has been involved in many high profile cases.

Professor Fraser has significant experience in strategic and policy matters in relation to forensic science in the UK and internationally.

He has advised a range of agencies on forensic, scientific and investigative matters, including the Association of Chief Police Officers, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, the Home Office and the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments.

His main research and teaching areas centre on the relationship between science and law and the contribution of science to policing and criminal justice. He is a member of the editorial boards of Problems in Forensic Science, Forensic Sciences Policy and Management and is co-editor (together with Professor Robin Williams) of the Handbook of Forensic Science.


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ProjectsNetwork: Evidence & Investigation. Project Title: The integration of investigation and forensic science in volume crime. Lead HEI and contact: Strathclyde, Professor Jim Fraser ( (Other HEIs involved: University of the West of Scotland)

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