Susan McVie

University of Edinburgh
Senior Research Fellow

University of Edinburgh
Room 2.12
31 Buccleuch Place
Tel: 0131 651 3782

ResearchQuantitative and longitudinal research methods; crime survey design and analysis; crime and individual development; youth crime and juvenile justice; policing and young people; methodological innovation in data analysis.

NetworkPolice-community relations: Academic

GroupSIPR Network 1 Steering Group

ProfileSenior Research Fellow within the School of Law. Currently a co-director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, a prospective longitudinal study of youth offending based at the University of Edinburgh since 1998. Responsibility for strategic management of the research programme, advancing statistical analysis of the data and producing publications. Also network leader for the CJ-Quest network of the recently established Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. The CJ-Quest network has particular responsibility for conducting and facilitating high quality quantitative criminological research in Scotland, and developing statistical analysis and data modelling for crime related questions.

PublicationsMcAra, L and McVie, S (2005) 'The Usual Suspects? Street-life, young people and the police', Criminal Justice 5 (1): 5-36. McAra, L and McVie, S (2007) Youth Justice? The impact of system contact on patterns of desistance from offending, European Journal of Criminology, 4 (3), 315-346. McAra, L and McVie, S (2007 in press) Criminal Justice Transitions, Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime Research Digest No 14.

ProjectsThe Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and crime (see

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