Dr Alistair Henry

University of Edinburgh
Lecturer, School of Law

University of Edinburgh
School of Law
Old College
South Bridge, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 650 9697

ResearchCrime prevention and community safety partnerships.  Institutional cultures and occupational identities.

NetworkPolice-community relations: Academic

GroupAssociate Director; SIPR Executive Committee;


Alistair Henry is a Lecturer in Criminology at the Edinburgh Univeristy Law School.  He recently completed his doctoral research into crime prevention and community safety partnerships in Scotland and has presented papers on this subject at CRIMPREV meetings and at the European Society of Criminology.  He is also interested in policing more broadly defined and recently co-edited 'Transformations of Policing' (2007 Ashgate) with David J. Smith.
He is currently working on a community policing knowledge transfer fellowship with Simon Mackenzie (University of Glasgow/SCCJR) and is co-chair of the recently established Working Group on Policing within the European Society of Criminology.

Publications1. Looking back on Police and People in London' (2007), in Henry, A. and Smith, D.J. (eds) Transformations of Policing. Ashgate.   2. The development of community safety in Scotland: a different path?", in Crawford, A. (ed) (2009), Crime Prevention Policies in Comparative Perspective. Cullompton: Willan.

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