Welcome to InSPEC

A new publication series aimed at capturing insights from Student, Postgraduate, and Early Career Policing Researchers.

This new SIPR publication series has been created specifically for student, postgraduate, and early career researchers within the field of policing research.

Through this series, we aim to provide the opportunity to any student, postgraduate, or postdoctoral researcher working within policing research, to publish and share their research findings and insights - even if their research is not yet complete. We particularly welcome those who may have little to no publication experience and may, as yet, be unpublished.

InSPEC is highly supportive experience where you will work with the Knowledge Exchange and Business Manager, your current academic supervisor, and a peer reviewer/ mentor from within the SIPR network, to develop a high-quality report ready for publication on the SIPR website.

If you would like to submit an idea, a paper, or just to discuss further, please don't hesitate to contact Monica Boyle, the SIPR Knowledge Exchange and Business Manager.

Research Interests