Research Activities

SIPR Small Research Grant Competition 2019

Three Awards, totalling £22,800, were made in April 2019:

  • Dr Lynne Kelly, University of Dundee & Dr Sharon Jackson, GCU
    Two MSc studentships to evaluate a new Joint Investigative Interviewing Training (JIIT) programme

  • Dr Alex McIntyre, Edinburgh Napier University
    Formal Evaluation of Evolutionary Facial Composite Systems
  • Dr Penny Haddrill & James Govan, University of Strathclyde 
    Development of a kit for the collection of human DNA evidence in wildlife crime cases in Scotland  

SIPR Small Research Grant Competition 2018

Four Awards, totalling £80,000, were made in November 2018:

  • Dr Emma Fletcher,  University of Dundee  

    Assessing Risk of Drug Death in People known to Substance Misuse Services – Supporting the D (Tayside Division) Local Approaches to Policing Prototype


    Professor Nicholas Fyfe, University of Dundee; Dr Phyllis Easton, NHS Tayside; Superintendent John Wyllie, Police Scotland; Dr Stefano De Paoli, Abertay University; Dr William Graham, Abertay University; Dr Vered Hopkins, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership; Dr Fiona Cowden, NHS Tayside

  • Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith, University of the West of Scotland
    Moving towards Trauma-Informed policing: An exploration of police officer’s attitudes and perceptions towards Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

    Zara Brodie, Karen Goodall & Kimberly Collins, University of the West of Scotland

  • Professor Lesley McMillan, Glasgow Caledonian University 
    Exploring & Evaluating the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse in Scotland 

  • Dr Andrew Wooff, Edinburgh Napier University
    The Special Constabulary in Scotland: Enhancing understanding of the motivations, roles and expectations of the Special Constable in Scotland

SIPR Small Research Grant Competition 2017

Four Awards were made in July 2017:

  • Andrew Woof, Edinburgh Napier University
    Rural policing in Scotland: measuring and improving public confidence

  • Rhonda Wheate and Elaine McLaughlin, University of Strathclyde
    A confident approach in responding to domestic abuse within South Asian communities - laying the foundations for the Police 2026 Strategy

  • Liz Aston, Edinburgh Napier University and Megan O'Neill, University of Dundee
    Public confidence and police visibility: a systematic review

  • Jennifer Murray and Inga Heyman, Edinburgh Napier University
    Law enforcement and public health: Assessing risk and vulnerability

SIPR Small Grants - 2017 Awards

SIPR Small Research Grant Competition 2015

Seven Awards were made in October 2015:

  • Dr Amanda Martindale, University of Edinburgh
    Creating a Proficiency Scale for Scene Examination in Scotland

  • Dr Nicola McCallum & Dr Penny Haddrill, University of Strathclyde
    KE workshops to establish the current state of RNA profiling research

  • Dr Alistair Henry, University of Edinburgh
    Partners in scrutiny: investigating local policing arrangements in Scotland

  • Professor Lesley Diack, Robert Gordon University
    Investigating code 52 special bail visits for domestic abuse perpetrators: impact of the service

  • Dr Ed Hall, University of Dundee
    Enhancing Police Scotland's Response to Disability Hate Crime: the Dundee Safe Places Initiative

  • Dr Nick Bland, What Works Scotland, University of Edinburgh
    Involving communities in designing local solutions to local problems: A trial of a deliberative approach to police-community engagement

  • Dr Martin Elvins, University of Dundee
    Measuring risk and efficiency in Police Scotland custody settings

SIPR SMall Grants - 2015 Awards

SIPR Small Research Grant Competition 2014

Seven Awards were made in June 2014:

SIPR Small Research Grant Competitions

SIPR has run six competitions for small research and knowledge exchange grants. Members of SIPR based in Scotland are eligible to apply and applicants can be from the university sector, Police Scotland, or the Scottish Police Authority. Applications are subject to a peer review process and can be from single individuals/institutions or collaborative ventures involving more than one university and/or a partnership between the academic community and police service. Where possible, applicants are encouraged to secure matched funding from other sources. Possible uses of the grants include: seed-corn funding to develop research projects; short study visits or 'learning exchanges'; and development of SIPR training/CPD course(s) for the Scottish police service. Applications need to demonstrate their contribution to the overall aims of SIPR and one or more of the following:

  • Research that is relevant for policing in Scotland;
  • Knowledge exchange involving academic, practitioner and policy communities;
  • Enhancing the UK and/or international visibility of SIPR;
  • Development of SIPR's research capacity and capability.

Application process

Applications consist of :

  • A 'Case for Support' of up to 1500 words which includes: the aims of the research activity and its relevance and contribution to SIPR; the main outcomes and ouputs of the research; a timetable; details of the costs of the research and any matched funding being requested from other sources.
  • Short CVs of the principal applicants (up to one page per person).

Closing Date:

The current round of Awards is now complete.