Research Project

An evaluation of Independent Custody Visiting in Scotland

Supervisor: Professor Nicholas Fyfe University of Dundee

Research Assistant: Janine Hunter University of Dundee


SIPR was commissioned by the Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA) in March 2010 to complete an evaluation of independent custody visiting in Scotland. Independent custody visiting (ICV) involves appointed members of the public (custody visitors) making random visits to police detention facilities in order to establish that detainees are treated humanely and that the detention environment is adequate. ICV also provides an opportunity to scrutinise police practice and procedures in custody facilities and therefore provides a mechanism of accountability and reassurance to the public. The study included a review of the infrastructure for supporting ICV in Scotland; audited the current operation of ICV and identified differences of approach between police force areas, and carried out a case study analysis of the operation of ICV in one police force area.


An Analysis of Independent Custody Visiting in Scotland [1.15 Mb, pdf file, entered December 2010]


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