SCCJR / SIPR Research Project

The Governance of Security and the Analysis of Risk for Sporting Mega-Events: creating a 'living legacy' for Europe from an analysis of security planning for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games (G2014)

Funder: European Commission: Freedom, Justice and Security (Prevention of and Fight Against Crime)


Amount : EURO 264,000

Term : 30 months

Team:   Prof Michele Burman (SCCJR/Glasgow) e-mail...
            Dr Simon Mackenzie (SCCJR/Glasgow) e-mail...
            Prof Chris Johnson (Computing Science, Glasgow)
            Prof Nick Fyfe (SIPR/Dundee) e-mail...
            Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith (SCCJR/Stirling) e-mail...
            Suzanne Young (SCCJR/Glasgow) e-mail...
            Katrina Morrison (SCCJR/Glasgow)


The Commonwealth Games will attract an anticipated 1.5 million spectators to Glasgow over the 12 days of competition and a total of 71 countries and territories from the Commonwealth will compete. It is the biggest sporting event that Scotland is capable of hosting. The key aims of our research are to evaluate the approach taken to the governance of security and analysis of risk in the planning for G2014. The governance structure for G2014 security incorporates a wide range of partner agencies who will be involved in Games security delivery and their activities will be co-ordinated through overarching Governance arrangements led by the Scottish Government.

The project proposes to monitor, evaluate and inform the planning process leading up to G2014 and seeks access to specific security and policing planning and preparations. There are two key inter-related areas of research investigation. First, the governance of security and, in particular, the negotiation of the multi-level (central and local) government relationships and public-private partnerships required for the delivery of policing, security and surveillance. Attention here will focus on developing principles of good governance in the security arrangements for policing sporting mega-events. Second, the project will examine the assessment and management of risk, focusing on how risk is understood by different bodies involved in the security arrangements for G2014, the evidence-base which informs the processes of risk analysis and assessment, and how resources are mobilized and deployed to respond to perceived risks. As a result of the research, we hope to be able to produce a detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to the governance of security and analysis of risk for G2014. The project findings will be used to develop policy guidance and training materials for roll-out to law enforcement and government agencies in other European countries.

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