PhD Research Project

Policing the night-time economy in Scottish towns and cities

Supervisors: Professor Nick Fyfe and Dr Martin Elvins University of Dundee

PhD Student: Neil Davidson University of Dundee


Growing popularity of the night-time leisure industry in the UK as a result of changing social, cultural and economic patterns has created a situation where excessive alcohol consumption and public disorder and violence are commonplace. A growing body of research has examined these issues at length, however, this research focuses on the role of policing.

Aims & Objectives:

This project is concerned primarily with the issues of control, regulation and public order in three separate case study areas and how those seeking to regulate and control the night-time economy, specifically the police, have responded. Using a mixture of qualitative including multiple interviews and fieldwork with the police and quantitative statistical data sets research methods, the projects main aims are to:

Publications: SIPR Research Summary: Policing the night-time economy in Scottish towns and cities.


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