Current Post-Doctoral Research

SIPR Post-Doctoral Research Assistants (PDRA)

Along with PhD studentships, the PDRA positions are a crucial part of SIPR's strategy for delivering relevant research on policing and building the research capacity and critical mass of the networks.

Please note that there is currently no new money available for SIPR-funded PDRA positions.

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research awarded the following PDRAs during the period 2007 to 2011:

Network: Police Organization
Project Title: Local policing in Scotland
Lead HEI and contact: University of the West of Scotland, Dr Kenneth B Scott (
(Other HEIs involved: RGU)

Network: Evidence & Investigation
Project Title: Obtaining best evidence from young eyewitnesses
Lead HEI and contact: University of Aberdeen, Professor Rhona Flin (
(Other HEIs involved: Abertay)

Network: Police and Community Relations
Project Title: Collective radicalization and police-community encounters
Lead HEI and contact: University of St Andrews, Dr Anja Eller (
(Other HEIs involved: Abertay and University of Dundee)


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