Research Project

User satisfaction with police services

Researcher: Hayley Kelly Grampian Police

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Scottish Police forces are required to measure the level of user satisfaction with a number of elements of the police public interaction. The Grampian Police Research Unit have conducted a comprehensive Quality of Service review in response to a number of methodological concerns raised with regards to the previous assessment process. The findings of this review led to the introduction of a new telephone survey methodology in Grampian that is providing more informative data to help drive improvements in the delivery of policing services. This work has been confined to a degree by the requirements of the Scottish Policing Performance Framework's (SPPF) satisfaction indicator. This paper describes how a recent analysis of the Grampian user satisfaction data has identified a few occasions where there has been a failure to meet the public's expectations. With this in mind, the author proposes a new approach to how we consider and carry out engagement with our communities that might provide for a less reactive and more collaborative approach to the delivery of local services. This requires a shift in emphasis towards the actual services we deliver rather than the resulting assessment of them.


SIPR Briefings No. 7: User satisfaction with police services


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