Research Project

Policing young people in the contemporary urban realm: Dundee's Community Warden Scheme

Researcher: Dr Donna Marie Brown University of Dundee

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This research project aims to evaluate the different ways that young people are policed in the contemporary urban realm. In particular it focuses on the influence of Dundee's Community Warden Scheme on young people's ability to establish relationships with the local people and places that constituted their residential community. The primary research for the project involved engagement with a range of stakeholders within Dundee's community policing programme, including: Community Wardens, Police Officers, Social Workers, Youth Leaders, Young People, Community Members and Local Authority employees. Over 50 participants were interviewed for the research, and over 100 hours of ethnographic 'walk-outs with the Community Wardens were completed.

Findings: Impact:

The findings of the research have been delivered to a range of academic, policy and practitioner audiences and therefore have had theoretical and practical impacts:

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