Research Project

European Study of Youth Mobilisation

Researcher: Dr Jeffrey Stevenson Murer Lecturer in Collective Violence, The School of International Relations and Psychology, University of St Andrews

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SIPR has facilitated the collaboration between myself and the British Council, culminating in the European Study of Youth Mobilisation (ESYM). Data collection for the study ended in 2010, and the published report for British Council will be available in early 2011. This study has already yielded a great impact on police practitioners and local authorities. The study included three expert panels in Scandinavia, bringing together nearly 100 researchers, local authority representatives, government officials, community and NGO workers, police practitioners, and members of the intelligence and security communities. Panels discussing the best practices to approach problems of radicalisation and community integration have included the Danish and Swedish security services (PET and SÄPO), representatives of the Danish, Swedish and Finnish Ministries of Integration, Justice, and Interior, as well as local police services, the prison services, and health services. Preliminary findings were presented to the European Chapter of the FBI National Associates Alumni at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungary. That October meeting brought together policing practitioners and academics from Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the UK and the United States. This has been a pan-European project, with European-wide impact, as well as impact on local Scottish constabularies. Also some of the preliminary findings were presented at the Edinburgh Festival of Politics, Youth Day. The ESYM results were used to engage young people and interest them in political action and social activism. Youth outreach by using youth research creates a strong initial connection, and brings young people in discussions they might otherwise feel distant from them.


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