A Professional Development Workshop for Analysts

31st May 2011

31st May 2011, University of Dundee

This Workshop was co-organised by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and colleagues within the Police Analyst community. It was intended to provide an opportunity to highlight recent quantitative and qualitative research, as well as providing a forum for networking between analysts and academic researchers from across Scotland.


Programme and Outputs Professor Nicholas Fyfe (Director, SIPR), Catherine Skinner (Scottish Government) & Lesley Bain (Strathclyde Police) Welcome and Opening Comments
Podcast - 6 Minutes [5.3 Mb]

This workshop was co-organised by Professor Nicholas Fyfe (SIPR), Catherine Skinner (Project Manager, National Community Safety Strategic Assessment, Scottish Government) and Lesley Bain (Principal Intelligence Analyst, Strathclyde Police) and was administered by Tim Heilbronn (SIPR). For more details contact: t.d.heilbronn@dundee.ac.uk