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Online, searchable database of people involved in policing research

The database includes:

• Academics actively involved in police-related research.
• Practitioners, including police and civilian staff actively involved in research.

To view further information on any of our people please click/select the individual on the list below.

Following the implementation of GDPR we have had to remove all our previous records and are in the process of inviting SIPR members to resubmit updated details of their research. Please note, a condition of acceptance is that those submitting profiles abide by the principles of the 
Memorandum of Understanding between SIPR and Police Scotland

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Adrian Davis

SIPR Academic Member

Evidence & Investigation Network, Public Protection Network, Academic

Aisha Holloway

SIPR Academic Member

Police-Community Relations Network, Academic

Alistair Shields

SIPR Academic Member

Education & Leadership Network, Public Protection Network, Academic, Practitioner

Amy Calder (née Goulding)

SIPR Academic Member

Police-Community Relations Network, Education & Leadership Network, Academic

Andrew Tatnell

SIPR Academic Member

PhD Student, Education & Leadership Network, Academic, SIPR Associate

Anja Johansen

SIPR Academic Member


Basil Manoussos

Brad Cotton

Colin Atkinson

Derek Penman

SIPR Associate

Diana Miranda

Dr Andy Aydın-Aitchison

Dr Benjamin Jones

Dr Claire Sallis

Dr Daniel R Thomas

Dr Edward G. Goodwin

Dr Elaine McLaughlin

Dr Elizabeth Aston

Dr Garth den Heyer

Dr Julie Berg

Dr Kirsteen Grant

Dr Liz Frondigoun

Dr Megan O'Neill

Dr Midj Falconer

Dr Penny Haddrill

Dr Penny Woolnough

Dr Ramandeep Chhina

Dr Yvonne Hail

Dr. Jamal K. Mansour

SIPR International Academic Member

Evangelia Demou

Graeme Dickson

Jane Hunter

Julie Gawrylowicz

Karen Richmond

Karri Gillespie Smith

Kathleen Mowat

Kevin J. Farrugia

Lachlan Urquhart

Liam Ralph

Luis Alberto Reyes Figueroa

Maria O'Neill

Mary Fraser

Mary Kent

Matthew Richardson

Pia Pennekamp

Professor Louise Jackson

Professor Ray Bull

Professor Wendy Moncur

Rebecca Finkel

Richard Cockbain

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