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Our student coordinators play a vital role in ensuring that SIPR activities are student-led where possible and supporting our mission to nurture the next generation of policing researchers. Our student coordinators work closely with the SIPR leadership Team to shape the future of the student network through engagement with the postgraduate community and the development of key postgraduate activities.

Current Postgraduate Co-Ordinators

Oana Petcu – PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh & University of Glasgow.

“Oana is a doctoral student in Criminology at the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on drug markets and new technology in Scotland. In particular, her interest lies with how technology is adopted in drug practices in both urban and rural areas across Scotland. Oana has previously worked on projects on missing people, human trafficking, sex work, financial crimes, and mental health. In recent years there have been significant changes in global drug markets, driven by the development of new technologies. In Scotland, these changes have manifested through an increase in illegal drugs entering the market and the expansion of drug markets into rural areas. Although we have made significant developments towards understanding this phenomenon, little is known about the localised changes and what new challenges and harms these may bring. My doctoral research aims to bridge this knowledge gap by assessing how online drug markets co-exist with more traditional forms of drug practices in both urban and rural areas of Scotland.”

Sam Conway, PhD Candidate, Abertay University.

“I am a Psychology PhD student at Abertay University in Dundee. I started my PhD in June 2021. My research focuses on how the use of novel technologies (such as avatars) might assist forensic interviewers with eliciting disclosure and episodic memory from children. In 2019, I graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Abertay University. In 2020, I graduated with an MSc in Forensic Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University.  My research interests are in applied memory research and investigative interviewing. I am particularly interested in which factors improve witness memory and which factors may facilitate greater witness disclosure. I am also interested in missing persons’ research and how we can apply this knowledge to police practice. As one of the SIPR postgraduate coordinators, I am looking forward to networking with other PGR students and helping create a sense of community.”

Previous Postgraduate Co-Ordinators

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