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Police-Community Relations

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This network provides a focus for independent research concerned with the relationships between police and the communities they serve. This relationship is a major factor in determining the effectiveness of policing. For example, a positive relationship might be expressed in communities’ willingness to cooperate with the police in solving crime. By contrast, a negative relationship might be reflected in communities’ reluctance to help the police and, potentially, by a breakdown in public order.

In addressing these issues the network draws upon research expertise across a range of academic disciplines, to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of complex areas such as translating research findings into local policing practice, working in partnership with other organisations and increasing public confidence in policing. Through close collaboration with police and other stakeholders the network ensures that research results impact on police policy, procedure and practice.

The Police-Community Relations Network is led by a Brokering Team. Membership of this team will fluctuate depending on the topics being discussed, who is most relevant from each organisation to take work forward in these areas and disseminate those findings to the most appropriate users. Thus, there is no fixed steering group.

Network Steering Group

Associate Director and Chair:

Prof Megan O’Neil,
Reader in Human Geography, School of Social Sciences,
University of Dundee.

Academic Members:

Dr Andrew Wooff,
Associate Professor of Criminology,

University of Stirling.

Dr Shane Horgan
Lecturer in Criminology,
Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith,
Associate Professor of Sociology,
University of Stirling.

Police Scotland Liaison:

Valerie Arbuckle,
Police Scotland

James Crane,
Police Scotland.

James Royan,
Police Scotland.

Davina Fereday,
Police Scotland.

Gregg Banks,
Police Scotland.

Matthew Richards,
Police Scotland.

Scottish Police Authority Liaison:

Martin Smith,
Scottish Police Authority.

Jennifer Galbraith,
Scottish Police Authority.

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