SIPR’s Strategic Research Priorities

2019 – 2024

Underlying the direction and achievement of SIPR’s aims are SIPR’s strategic research priorities. The following three themes have been developed in order to inform SIPR’s strategic direction and investment over the five years of Phase IV of the consortium (covering 2019 – 2024). This will enable consolidation and enhancement of our activities, reach, and impact within policing research.

SIPR have been cognisant of the Strategic Police Priorities of Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority (The Joint Strategy for Policing 2020), and the Scottish Government (Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland) in the development of these priorities.

All SIPR activities and funding will contribute to these themes.

These themes were developed and revised with input from the SIPR Executive Committee. These themes are included in the SIPR Collaboration Agreement and were approved by the SIPR Board of Governance at the Annual Board of Governance meeting in August 2020.

Theme 1: Policing and Health, safety and well-being

Including for example:

Theme 2: Technology and digital policing

Including for example:

Theme 3: Policing systems capability and resilience

Including for example:

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