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I am a Lecturer in Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh. I am also a visiting researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, where I was a Research Fellow in Information Technology Law from 2016-2018. I am a multidisciplinary researcher, having degrees in both law [LL.B (Edin); LL.M IT & Telecoms Law (Strath)] & computer science [Ph.D (Nott)].

I primarily work at the boundaries of computer science (human-computer interaction), information technology law, and computer ethics. I focus extensively on the technical, legal, sociological, and ethical implications of living with interactive computing (e.g. Ubicomp/Internet of Things, robotics, smart homes & cities, social media etc.). I often collaborate with researchers from different disciplines, ranging from architecture and criminology to art and media studies.


Cybercrime and Cybersecurity; Surveillance Studies; Technology Law particularly data protection; Human Computer Interaction and Usability; Interface of new technologies and policing especially the Internet of Things, smart homes, smart cities, drones.

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