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Dr. Kevin Farrugia obtained a joint undergraduate degree in chemistry and physics from the University of Malta followed on by a one-year traineeship with the Novartis Biomedical Research Institute in Switzerland. After completion of a Masters and PhD in forensic science at the University of Strathclyde, he joined Abertay University in 2011 before moving to De Montfort University in 2019 where his current role involves teaching chemistry and forensic modules on the forensic course in addition to supervision of post-graduate students.


Kevin is actively involved in research related to the enhancement of latent marks (fingermarks and footwear marks) in addition to integrated approaches of multiple types of evidence.

Current research focus

Alternative and greener solvents used in fingermark formulations.
Application of vacuum as an alternative to solvent used in fingermark formulations.
Integrated approached to multiple types of evidence e.g. fingermarks and ink analysis.

Mark enhancement (finger,footwear etc), drugs of abuse, ink analysis, integrated approaches to multiple types of evidence.

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