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Dr Benjamin J Jones has an M.Phys from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in physics and materials science from Trinity College Dublin. He has worked as an industry analytical consultant, and joined Abertay University in 2015 to head the Division of Science.

Dr Jones' work applies surface science to forensics, particularly fingerprints. His research has often been in close collaboration with the Home Office (CAST, now part of DSTL), recently on nano migration of fingermarks, analysis of novel fingerprint powders and the interaction between different techniques in sequence. Dr Jones’ wider research on particulates, thin-films and surfaces includes both end-user focused work and fundamental science. Applications include medical devices, air pollution and hacking or improving electronics. Dr Jones’ work has been funded by bodies such as the Leverhulme Trust, EPSRC, the Royal Society, and InnovateUK.

Dr Jones' work has been recognised by the Institute of Physics in 2011, citing, "An outstanding example of high quality university science with impact for industry" and by the PW Allan award from The Forensic Science Society in 2013 recognising novelty, impact and quality of science.


Fingerprints; Fingermarks; Complex Surfaces; GSR / FDR; Environmental Crime; Advanced Microscopy

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