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Research assistant based at Edinburgh Napier University, working on the SIPR Sandpit funded project "The Special Constable in Scotland", focused on understanding the motivations of warranted, police volunteers in Police Scotland. Completing a PhD thesis, based at the University of Dundee, focused on the experiences and impacts of the Special Constabulary as policing volunteers, comparing the experiences of Scottish special constables to those volunteers in England and Wales. Background in law, and criminology and criminal justice, with a broad range of interests including policing cultures, comparative policing research, police officer management and well-being, police pluralisation, and community-orientated and local approaches to policing.


Citizens in policing, and volunteering within policing organisations, specifically in relation to the Special Constabulary in both Scotland and England and Wales. Policing cultures. Policing identity. Police pluralism. Police officer management. Police officer well-being. Community policing. Volunteers and volunteerism in the criminal justice system.

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