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Evidence and Investigation Network, Public Protection Network, Police-Community Relations Network, Postgraduate Network
University of Glasgow & University of Edinburgh (Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research)

Jean-Pierre is a South African criminologist who is currently completing a joint-PhD at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, under the supervision of Dr Julie Berg and Dr Richard Jones. The doctoral research examines various ways in which humans and technology shape one another other, specifically as it relates to public policing. He has worked in academia as a senior researcher on topics such as community safety and private security, in the private sector as a security risk analyst, and in animal protection as a wildlife crime investigator.


The current doctoral research is socio-technical in nature and aims to understand the ways in which human and non-human matter interact to shape one another in the field of policing and the implications thereof. Using qualitiative methods in the form of interviews and field observation, the study examines the public police's use of body-worn video (BWV) technology. The aim of the socio-technical approach is to provide equal consideration to both humans and technology when examining their interactions and effects and to identify whether such an approach can produce novel knowledge or interpretations and in so doing, fill certain gaps in the existing criminological knowledge-base on policing. Interests include policing, public police, technology, and private security.

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