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University of Edinburgh

I was a police officer in Brantford, Ontario, Canada for almost 28 years. During my career, I focused 15 years on a combination of training (7 years) and crime prevention (8 years). I left policing to pursue my MBA at the University of Edinburgh. Though I left policing, I have not left my love of policing and public safety behind. I have a keen interest in police research and in helping to find the best methods and resources to support our police and community.

My research centres on stakeholder value measurement in policing. I also have research interests in police training, organisational behaviour, police reform and use of force.


I am beginning work on my PhD at the University of Edinburgh in September 2020 with a focus on police administration behaviour and its connection to stakeholder opinion. I have personal research projects underway on police education, response to violence, use of force, the application of automated processes in policing and police reform.

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