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Dr. Jamal K. Mansour

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My research concerns how people make memory-based decisions about faces, particularly after witnessing a crime. I aim to understand how social and cognitive factors affect how people make these decisions and the strategies, accuracy, and confidence with which these decisions are made. I also conduct some research on face recognition and friendly fire.

I am a Senior Lecturer at Queen Margaret University, where I have been since 2013. At Queen Margaret University I am a member of the Centre for Applied Social Sciences and the Memory Research Group. Previously I was as an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) in their Forensic Psychology area. I completed my MA (Social psychology) and PhD (Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.


Eyewitness memory, eyewitness identification, lineup decision making, weapon focus effect, deception detection, friendly fire

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