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Dr Clare Sutherland

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Evidence and Investigation Network, Public Protection Network, Police-Community Relations Network
University of Aberdeen

I completed my PhD on face perception and trust at the University of York in 2015 then continued my research at the University of Western Australia (UWA), first as a research associate then research fellow (2015-2019). I am an honorary Research Fellow at UWA but am now based at the University of Aberdeen (2019-) where I lecture and research in social psychology and face recognition. My work has looked at how we make subjective social judgements from faces, the development of face recognition, individual differences in face recognition and the rise of AI models of recognition. During my PhD I also completed an internship at the Home Office on cybercrime in the Crime, Policing and Analysis Unit, where I worked on characterising online and offline offenders, amongst other topics. I am keen to support students to work on public-facing research: my own students have completed internships in the Australian and Scottish governments and the Cabinet Office.


I am interested in face recognition, face AI and face expertise. My research has also looked at demographic differentials in face recognition AI. I have published scientific reports, policy papers and advisory briefs on these topics together with lawyers, computer scientists and forensic experts.

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