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Royal Holloway University of London

Prof Memon is director of the interdisciplinary Research Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law:  Royal Holloway Centre for the Study of Emotion & Law. She conducts robust and ecologically valid research on the use of cognitive techniques in police investigations. Her work is informed by social psychological approaches to understanding memory, decision making, detection of deception and credibility assessment. Memon has ongoing research collaborators in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, North America and Finland. She is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Association for Psychological Science and the Royal Society of Arts.


Prof Memon’s work has had substantial impact outside of academia, as evidenced by her ESRC prize for contributions to policy. Her work has important implications for how children, vulnerable adults and seniors are interviewed and how these interviews are undertaken and processed by police officers, judges and other professionals within the judiciary system.

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