FBI / SIPR Seminar

7th August 2011

In 2010 the first two Knowledge Transfer seminars were held allowing National Academy Graduates within the European Chapter to participate in discussion with academic researchers on topics of current importance. In 2010 these topics covered International Police Leadership, Understanding Protest, Policing Major Football Competitions, and Human Provenance Techniques as an aid to police investigation. At the 2010 Retraining Conference in Cyprus, it was agreed to provide further sessions in the current year.

The second of these was held at the Scottish Police College. The purpose of each seminar is to learn about the most recent research and then to share knowledge drawing on experiences for NA Graduates from different countries.

    • Balancing over-and underpolicing in dealing with multiple communities
      Professor Dr. Marleen Easton (University of Ghent)

PPDF of slides

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    • Investigative use of forensic science in volume and major crime
      Professor Jim Fraser (University of Strathclyde)

    • The ethics of future policing in Europe
      Professor Dr. Monica den Boer (Netherlands Police Academy)

PowerPoint slides

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For further details, please contact the Research and Knowledge Transfer Manager, Tim Heilbronn (t.d.heilbronn@dundee.ac.uk)