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2023 Symposium on Illicit Drugs

Date of event: September 19, 2023

University of Strathclyde

illicit symposium

Event Briefing

The global drug landscape is a fluid and constantly evolving situation, and one which requires our joint collaboration.

19-20 September 2023

University of Strathclyde

Join us in Glasgow for a comprehensive update on the current global drug scene. We are pleased to welcome a panel of international experts who will highlight the impacts illicit drugs have on forensic science, policing, and policy.

This event, hosted by Strathclyde’s Centre for Forensic Science, will serve as the first of its kind in Scotland for those working in fields related to drug use. Participants will have an outstanding opportunity to gain valuable ideas, insights, and knowledge, so that we may take one collective step closer to countering the effects of illicit drugs on society.

The Symposium will benefit those working in fields directly or indirectly related to illicit drugs. This includes:

  • Police officers
  • Emergency services personnel
  • Nurses
  • Other health professionals
  • Advocates
  • Barristers
  • Members of the procurator fiscal service
  • Forensic scientists
  • Toxicologists
  • Forensic disciplines personnel
  • Scientific researchers
  • Student or trainee practitioners
  • Social care workers
  • Public policy personnel

Event Programme

- Welcome

Dr. Penny Haddrill

University of Strathclyde

- Drug Use in Scotland

Professor Andrew McAuley

Glasgow Caledonian University

Public Health Scotland

- Break
- Concealment Techniques & Trafficking

Dr. Kristin Ceniccola-Campos

University of Strathclyde

- Break
- Polydrug Use & Death Investigations

Dr. Lorna Nisbet

Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science

University of Dundee

- How Do We Characterise Addiction?

Dr. Thomas Martinelli

Trimbos Institute for Mental Health

- Presumptive Drug Testing with Kineticolor

Dr. Marc Reid

University of Strathclyde

- Novel Drug Detection Techniques

Dr. Caitlyn Norman

Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science

University of Dundee

- Break
- Drug Running in the Digital Age: Intuitive Technology to Augment the Investigator

Mr. Sam Pearce


- Break
- Testing New Psychoactive Substances with Electrochemical Sensors

Dr. Lynn Dennany

University of Strathclyde

- Forensic Entomology in Drug Investigations

Mr. Fabio Casali

University of Strathclyde

- Signature Programmes for Strategic Intelligence

Drug Enforcement Administration

Event Speaker & Guests

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